Thursday, March 25, 2010

Long day!

Today I went to Kickboxing at the Y for the first time in months. It was great, my hips will be feeling the band work that we did! Afterwards, I had to go to a 4 hour computer class for work on an upgrade that starts this weekend.... Looks like more charting, booo.... Then I went to school for 4 hours. I cannot wait to be done with school, unfortunately, I do not finish until next July. Argh! Nothing like wishing a year away... So I'm trying to focus on the positives, which is becoming increasingly hard since my job description will not change at all once I get my BSN.

Diet wise, had a great day. I weighed in at home this morning, and I'm down 2 lbs, so 9 lbs total. I go to Weight Watchers in the morning for my "official" weigh in, but since my normal day is Thursdays and I didn't go cause I wanted to go to kickboxing, I decided to sneak a peak at the scale at home :-). Hopefully the WW scale is just as friendly in the morning! LOL. I'm trying to decide if I need to invest in a trainer to make a program for me at the Y, or if I can make one for myself from my Oxygen magazines... We're trying to save money right now, so I might have to do it by myself for a bit...

I have a very busy day planned for tomorrow: weight watchers, Y center, groceries, cleaning, homework... I have 7 chapters and a 3-5 page paper to write for school before next Thurs. We're also going to celebrate my birthday this weekend since I work on the actual day (Monday). We're having friends over on Saturday, and then on Sunday going to church, lunch and a movie. Adam is wanting to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, so I think we'll see that. My pastor said it's so funny, so I agreed even though it wasn't "my pick."

Well, that's about it for now... Headed to bed, my brain is fried from 8 hours in a class rooms all day!

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